The production department is making a production plan

Smooth Production Begins with Coordinating Plans

Before mass production, we will come up with a comprehensive plan. Based on your order needs, we'll arrange the right personnel, materials, equipment, and process to bring out the best result.

Our full plan guarantees the quality and production efficiency of your bulk order.

Full Material Preparation for Mass Production

We prepare adequate fabric & trims with superior quality to make sure that the production goes perfectly.

  • We keep a lot of nylon and other fabrics in the factory
    Material Purchasing

    Gagaopt is able to match all kinds of sexy lingerie with suitable fabrics and accessories in terms of price, quality, quantity, and pattern since our factory is near one of the largest fabric markets in China.

    We only purchase soft nylon and qualified trims for manufacturing sexy lingerie in fascinating styles and optimal customers' experience.

  • Fabric checking
    Fabric & Trims Inspection

    When all the materials are ready, our quality inspectors will carefully check the fabrics and trims to ensure:

    • No color difference

    • No fabric defect, including no yarn drawn out, no dirty dot, and no broken yarn

    • Accurate weight, breadth, and length

Sexy lingerie logo

Professional Production Process

We arrange our versatile production team to manufacture stylish sexy lingerie with masterful skill.

  • Tailoring

    Fitting sexy lingerie is made of accurate cut pieces. According to the paper pattern, workers cut the fabric into pieces with electric scissors.

    Cutting fabric with electric scissors
  • Sewing sexy lingerie with advanced machines

    Thanks to state-of-the-art sewing machines and a team of experienced sewing workers, all of our sexy lingerie is sewn with delicate edges.

  • Special Processing

    We master the special crafts to make sexy underwear more attractive. Gagaopt's lingerie with embroidery, hot-fix rhinestone, floral print, and jacquard webbing will increase your sales.

    Thermal transfer digital printing

Quality Control in Details

We focus on quality control to ensure that Gagaopt's sexy lingerie is always in line with garment production standards and order requirements.

  • Inspection During Production

    Our workshop supervisors monitor the quality of each process to see if there is a defect to be remedied. We will detect and control the quality problem at the earliest time to guarantee the lead time and effect of mass production.

  • Final Clothes Inspection

    We conduct a 100% inspection after production. The inspection covers the fabric, labels, trims, and size against order, craft, and QC standards. You will have consistent quality with every piece of sexy lingerie.

Quality inspection during production
Checking finished sexy lingerie
Ironing packaging and storage

Final Ironing & Packaging

After production, we iron the underwear to achieve an ideal shape. Workers will visually inspect the surface again for assured quality.

Finished lingerie will be folded and packed by skillful workers with Gagaopt or your custom packaging to make them stand out.

We promise that you will receive flat and tidy sexy lingerie with decent packaging, which will improve your brand image and keep customers returning to your shops.

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