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  • Plenty of Ready-Made Patterns for Selection

    Our warehouse has more than 300,000 ready-made pieces of lingerie in stock and available for wholesale orders. Gagaopt can also produce more than 50,000 different undergarments per month.

    Buying from our stock removes long wait time to manufacture more garments and meet large volume order. Our ready-made lingerie leads to a short delivery, which quickly replenishes your stock with a diverse selection of sexy nightwear.

    A large amount of ready made sexy lingerie is in the warehouse
  • Start Your Lingerie Business with Low MOQ

    There’s no need to purchase hundreds of sexy lingerie pieces because of our low MOQ policy. This is thanks to our efficient mass production and stock of 300,000 of lingerie in our warehouse that has 1,200 square meters of storage space.

    You can benefit from our policy by ordering some of our interesting nightwear and see if there is a market demand for a specific type of lingerie. Testing out the market can lead to a higher return on investment in the long run.

    Workers are sewing sexy lingerie carefully
  • Widen Your Profit Margins with Our Wholesale Price

    Our lingerie comes at a more competitive price than other branded garments. Gagaopt utilizes careful cost control over the acquisition of our raw materials by buying from certified suppliers. We also streamline our production floor for much more efficient manufacturing of our garments.

    Gagaopt’s cost control and efficient production process lead to lower prices on our undergarments. Your business can experience better profit margins when you integrate our delicious lingerie into your catalog.

    Buy fabric from certified suppliers

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