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  • Diverse Styles

    From open cups to incredibly deep V-necks, Gagaopt has the right kind of teddies for your different customers.

    Are your customers looking for something new and interesting for their wardrobe selection? Our designers find trending designs with high market demands and incorporate them into our teddies and bodysuits collection each month.

    Gagaopt’s diverse bodysuit styles help your business meet any customer’s taste in lingerie. We can encourage high rates of return customers to your shop.

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  • Quality Fabric

    Gagaopt uses quality materials such as nylon for our teddies and bodysuits. Nylon has a moisture wick feature that keeps the skin dry. The fabric is also incredibly flexible, which makes many of our lingerie pieces a comfortable fit to almost any body shape.

    Our strict quality standards ensure that all teddies and bodysuits you order from Gagaopt are high-quality garments. You will experience significantly lower return rates and increase customer satisfaction with our catalog.

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  • In-Stock Sexy Lingerie for Fast Delivery

    We have more than 300,000 lingerie pieces, including more than 50,000 teddies, in our warehouse. Our factory can produce more than 300,000 stock and custom nightwear each month, which leads to higher backup items.

    Buying our wholesale stock significantly reduces lead-time since the items are ready for delivery to your business. The fast shipment of your bulk order helps you stock your shops quickly when lingerie demand is high.

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